Homage to you Refreshing Earth Bodhisattva

Mother of this world with its many species.

We want to turn to you with respect,

Beautiful green planet in the midst of the sky,

You who have given birth to countless species,

Produced so many wonders of life,

Loved in the ultimate sense of non-discrimination,

Embraced all species not barring a single one,

Loyal and reliable, tolerant and stable,

The mother who bears all species.

Countless bodhisattvas spring up

From your fresh green lap.

Mother you embrace and transform

Sweeping away the hatred of humans,

Creating new life day and night,

Helping the earth to bloom with the flowers of heaven.

You are open to thousands of other galaxies,

Sharing your joy with the trichiliocosm,

By seeing that your true nature is interdependence.

Conserving and protecting so that nothing is lost,

Not being, not nothing, not eternal, not annihilated,

Not the same, not different, not coming, not going.

Your love knows no limits,

Your virtues no shortcomings.

Your nature is the Four Immeasurable Minds

Like the four great oceans they never dry up.

Whenever spring returns you wear a new robe

Of red roses, the green willow, beautiful and fresh.

When summer comes the vegetation displays its bright colours,

Wholesome seeds, sweet fruits are to be found everywhere.

How brilliant are the colours of the autumn forest

Until winter comes and snowflakes fill the sky.

The afternoon tide chants like the roll of thunder

The morning sunrise paints an incomparable picture,

Making visible all the splendours of the universe.

You are the most beautiful flower of the Solar System,

The wisdom that lights up the ten directions,

The mind that is open to all places.

Mother, you are the Paradise of the Present,

Making possible the future for all species.

We come back and take refuge in you,

With nothing to run after, accepting the unfavourable as also favourable,

Seeing that you are always in us and

Seeing ourselves in you for all of time.

May we follow your good example,

And live every moment with true peace and joy.

Homage to the Refreshing Mother Earth Bodhisattva

                                           ~ Thay
Reasons to Meditate
by Lisa Cullen

to practice noticing
to understand simple things
to give myself clarity
to face inevitable difficulties
to make a conscious choice
to welcome my feelings
to know pain
to experience the bliss of effort
to take gentle possession of my mind
to free my mind
to be aware of my sensitivity
to dip below superficiality
to brighten my eyes
to forget how i look
to stop moving
to let myself be how i am
to love deeply
to risk being myself
to sit upright like a pyramid
to stay still
to breathe in the air
to encourage a positive habit
to behave in the manner of one who woke up
to pursue freedom
to touch the ground
to learn without words
to unlock my heart
to go beyond

From What Book!? Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop, edited by Gary Gach
At Peaceful Heart in Augusta yesterday, Joanne Friday transmitted the 5 Mindfulness Trainings to some 30 people from all over Maine.  It was a wonderful joyful day.
March 17 - Western Maine Buddhism will host a seminar to let folks know what is here in the form of Sangha's and meditation opportunities.  10 to 3 in the North Dinning Hall at UMF in Farmington.

Check out www.westernmainebuddhism.com for more information.

March 23 - Peaceful Heart Sangha will offer a Day of Mindfulness with Joanne Friday.  This is an exciting opportunity as Joanne will be offering the transmission of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings.

More information  email: fullmoonsangha@gmail.com or peacefulheartsangha@gmail.com.

Beautiful morning, blessed day and possible transformation for the better are the things I prayed for everyone to have. 
Sitting is the Best Thing to Do
by Thich Nhat Hanh, from a Plum Village Dharma Talk, June 2, 2012

Every time we feel that we are not very peaceful, we have some suffering, we are restless, we don’t know exactly what to do, sitting is the best thing to do.

You sit down and immediately you follow your in-breath and out-breath. You enjoy breathing in, you enjoy breathing out. You breathe in in a way that can give you pleasure. You breathe out in a way that gives you pleasure. You breathe in a way that you are aware that your body is there. You breathe out in such a way that you can release the tension in your body. If you are in touch with your body, you can be in touch with the wonders of life around you. . . .

When you are not restless, when you are OK, sitting gives you pleasure. Seating is very nourishing and healing. We should enjoy sitting. We just sit there and allow our body to relax and enjoy breathing in and breathing out. During that time, there is no thinking, whatsoever. We enjoy breathing in and breathing out. We enjoy releasing the tension. We enjoy our body. We don’t need to think. If you mind is focused on your in-breath and out-breath, you can release the past and the future, and your projects. You are free. Breathing in, I am aware of my in-breath. Your in-breath becomes the object, the only object of your mind. When your in-breath is the only object of your mind, you release everything else. You become a free person. Freedom is possible with your in-breath. Freedom can be obtained in two, three, seconds. You release all the sorrow and regret about the past. You release all the uncertainty and fear about the future. You enjoy breathing in; you are a free person. . . . Without that freedom, there is no real happiness possible. So to practice mindfulness is to get freedom – freedom from the past, the future, from your projects, from your worries – and enjoy the fact that you are alive. 
Breathe in the earth, the trees, the flowers...
Breathe in the plants, the minerals, the animals...
Breathe in the ocean, the lakes, the streams...
Breathe in the air, the sky, the clouds...
Breathe in the sun, the moon, the stars...
Remind yourself... "I AM THIS"
~ Tutte Peever ~